Furniture. Well Crafted.

Furniture. Well Crafted.

Welcome to the Furniture Manufacturing Capital of the World

The furniture history runs so deep in our community that its roots intertwine with countless industries, businesses, and common aspects of everyday life. It is estimated that approximately 60% of all furniture in American homes originates from North Carolina furniture manufacturers and related industry vendors. And many of these furniture businesses are located right here in our region. If you ever visit Hickory, you will notice that almost everywhere you turn, the people you meet all have some furniture connection. Whether their grandfather hauled lumber to a local sawmill for furniture production, their father worked directly in a factory upholstering furniture, or their aunt worked as an interior designer helping visitors select the best furniture for their homes, for over a century, this community has truly been shaped by furniture. To this day, when you travel around the world and tell people where you are from, they almost always smile and recite that one familiar word: FURNITURE. 


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