Know before you go: Furniture Mart Welcome Desk

1. Wear comfortable shoes! With over 1 Million Square Feet there are a lot of showrooms and beautiful furnishings to see - we recommend wearing your most comfortable pair of shoes. 

2. Plan ahead! If you have a certain style in mind bring notes, photos, pinterest boards etc. This helps the design teams and staff in the show rooms know exactly what you may be looking for to best create your perfect vision. 

3. Bring measurements of where these pieces will be going in your home. Especially door frame widths, stairwell widths, ceiling height & clearance etc.  

4. Have an open schedule! It takes a little time to explore the entire Mart so be sure to plan enough time so you're not feeling rushed or in a hurry. Don't rush your design genius. 

5. Be sure to get a discounted rate at one of our great local hotel properties - there are several discounts and coupon codes offered at hotel properties for "Furniture Shopping." Click here to find out more about your "shop & stay" package options. 

6. Stop and speak with the Mart welcome desk staff. The welcome desk will help you narrow down your search to certain manufacturers show rooms, give you a map and brochure of the facility and more! They know their stuff! 

7* Be ready to be wowed! The amount of manufacturers and the sheer amount of hard work and craftsmanship that goes into the art of making furniture will astound you.