Hart Square Village


Hart Square Village began as the personal collection of Dr. Bob and Becky Hart of Hickory, N.C. Their collection of early American antiques and log buildings was amassed over a fifty year period and displayed at their wildlife preserve in Vale, N.C. The largest collection of original, historical log structures in the United States. From corn cribs and barns, to houses and chapels, and even a few outhouses, the Hart Square Village has preserved over ninety original structures. Every cabin is furnished with Appalachian antiques, accurately displaying the various professions and nineteenth century experiences. The cabin’s interiors honor authenticity from every pewter spoon on the dining table to every butter churn or rope bed. The expansive collection includes one of three functioning pre-civil war cotton gins in the U.S., a print shop, a doctor’s office, a one room schoolhouse, and countless artifacts that will never be found anywhere else, even in the Smithsonian.


Hart Square - Public Group Tour

  • 5055 Hope Rd
    Vale, NC 28168
  • (828) 222-3727
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  • Dates vary between June 7, 2024 - October 4, 2024

39th Heritage Festival

Christmas in the Village

  • 5055 Hope Rd
    Vale, NC 28168
  • (828) 222-3727
  • Map
  • Dates vary between December 7, 2024 - December 8, 2024

Lantern Light Tours



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