39th Heritage Festival


To enter Hart Square Village on festival day is to enter the early 1800s. Hart Square bustles with over three hundred knowledgeable artisans and historic demonstrators dressed in period clothing. Our artisans truly bring the village to life by sharing the craftsmanship and subsistence of Carolina's pioneers. Visitors will witness everything from flax making, cotton baling, and tinsmithing to apple butter making and the sweet sounds of old-time music.

Hart Square Village is the nation's largest collection of historic log structures. On festival day, all 103 historic structures will be open!

North Carolina artist Bob Timberlake says, "I've visited Colonial Williamsburg, almost grew up in Old Salem, and I've seen other restored places all over North America, and nothing compares with Hart Square Village just south of Hickory." 

We boast the most talented and authentic demonstrators in the country and know you will agree with us when you join us at the 39th Heritage Festival.


Hart Square Village