We are so thrilled to bring you this update on February's progress. Even though February is known as a short month in the calendar, we aren't short on updates. This transformation is really starting to take shape! 

The convention center has now been under construction for nine months. Hickory Construction Company continuously has between six to eight subcontractor groups on site every workday. These crews have not slowed down adding exterior windows, curb and gutter around the exterior of the building, hanging goals and netting, installing shiplap, and more. With every day bringing us one step closer the renovations and addition should be completed by the summer of 2024.

Expansion & Addition Update

Expansion March 2024

We have seen tremendous progress in the expansion area (Multi-Purpose Sports Venue). In this 35,000 square-foot space with 30-foot ceilings, the basketball goals, volleyball nets, and court dividers were installed along with the scoreboards. One interesting thing to note is that the goals, nets, scoreboards, and court dividers will be electronically lowered into position from the ceiling. 

Located in the front area of the Multi-Purpose Sports Venue, the pre-function space is taking shape. Glass panels have been installed along the front of the new space along with doors to the new entrance. The glass front stands 52 feet wide and 16 feet tall allowing beautiful natural light into the space. This space will be perfect for receptions or gatherings in conjunction with other events in the building. Plans are in the works to honor the late Leroy Lail and his legacy within the hospitality industry by telling the story of the importance of furniture manufacturing and the local hospitality industry in this space.  Lail, and the late Phil Yount, both board members of the Hickory Conover Tourism Development Authority, have passed away since the May 1 groundbreaking.  We will share more information on this space as plans are solidified in the future. 

Changes on the Hickory Metro Convention Center Campus

Expansion March 2023

Hundreds of feet of curb, gutter, and sidewalks have been poured around the expansion of the convention center. There are two new entrances to the expansion and the entry points for both are coming together, with door frames and concrete poured at both of those entrances.   

Paving and concrete changes during March & April include: asphalt and curb and gutter will be poured in front of the expansion between the expansion (pictured above) and the Hampton Inn & Suites. Crews have already begun the prep work for this by removing asphalt and beginning grading. Replacement of asphalt and concrete will continue through the next two months.

Catawba Meeting Room Renovation Update

Catawba Rooms Renovation March 2024

The renovations to the Catawba space are taking shape.  Inside the open space, (Catawba 3 – 6) hanging ceiling grid clouds were added to lower the ceiling height. Crews are adding finishing touches of paint as well as wood-stained molding. New LED lighting in this area will offer clients more versatile options to add colors to create a unique ambiance tailored to their meeting needs. In addition to the aesthetic pieces, work has also continued on the new track system for the moveable air walls in the 22,267 square-foot space.  

Additional Updates

Conover TVs Renovation March 2023

In what is known as "the original" side of the building (constructed in 1997), guests will notice some cosmetic updates are underway. Updates to this space will include new display casing around each door frame to house new AV screens, new doors and moldings, carpet, and tile. These uplifts to the space will create a more cohesive and refreshed look for the entire facility.   

In addition to the Expansion and Renovation Updates

Parking spots along 13th Avenue Drive, SE 

Due to rain, wind, and cold temperatures, additional parking spots along 13th Ave. Dr. SE in front of the Hickory Metro Convention Center has made slow progress.  This stretch of land will become 60 parking spaces for convention center guests. The parking spots are to be completed and ready to use in April.  This parking project is in addition to the renovation and addition. This is important to share along with the monthly update as future parking is a common question from event organizers and guests.  

The roof on the original building, which opened in 1997, will be replaced in March and April as well, weather permitting. 

We are excited about the progress here at the Hickory Metro Convention Center and as we like to say, “Turning Dirt Is Progress.” Thank you for Bearing with us! 

HMCC Campus Map

New Parking Options: Additional parking lots are open on or near the Hickory Metro Convention Center campus. There are three lots: 1. blue, 2. green, and 3. yellow. As always, our parking is free to you. For vendors, the unloading and loading areas have changed a bit as shown on the map above. Please be patient with each other as you are unloading. This "positive interruption" will only be for a short while and we appreciate and thank you for your patience. 

Bear Mascot

Meetings and events are still being held at the convention center during this time of progress. Please remember to "Bear With Us" as we are all a part of this expansion and renovation. A minor inconvenience right now will bring significant growth in the future. If you have any questions, please call 828-322-1335.