September is all about setting and achieving goals at local parks and trails! Are you ready to challenge and push yourself to meet new goals? We have some fantastic ideas to help get you started! 

Riverbend Park

Park/Trail Goals:

1. Visit one new trail/park a month

The Catawba County Park System is a great place to start this goal! In Catawba County, we have four county parks and 50+ local municipal parks for you to explore! Make sure to research and see which trail will best fit you. For example, if kayaking is something that you have always wanted to try Riverbend Park has river access for kayaking on our blueways. 

2. Covering a specific number of miles per week/month/year

Deciding how many miles to climb and how quickly can be challenging. The main thing to remember is your skill level; base this goal on your physical ability and work to exceed your goal. 

Between the four major Catawba County Parks, there are over 45 miles of multi-use trails. This doesn't include the new Citywalk connecting Downtown Hickory to Lake Hickory, boasting its own 10 miles of walking trails. 

3. trying a new trail activity (walking, hiking, biking, running, paddling)

It's time to try something new! Whether you want to stay on land and hike to the tallest summit in Catawba County at Bakers Mountain, ride the fast-paced mountain biking trails at Mountain Creek Park, or get on the water at Lake Hickory, we have several outstanding spots to start your journey. 

*Bonus Tip: Get the proper gear for your decided activities! Outdoor Supply Company has hiking shoes, backpacks, kayaks, camping gear, and more to ensure you can meet your goal as comfortably and safely as possible. Our many bike shops, Carolina Pedal Works, Lightning Cycles: Bike Shop, and Rock N Road Bicycles, can prep you for an easygoing ride on the CityWalk or a wild ride on the dirt trails at Mountain Creek Park. 


How to Meet Your Goals:

Set achievable goals based on your skill level.

If you are new to hiking, start with a shorter, less strenuous trail. This will ensure that you can make it back to the car! 

Have a plan in place to help you meet that goal.

This could look like getting information about the park before going! A quick tip: grab a map or talk to a park ranger! 

Stay consistent while working to complete your goal.

Pick a day every month to do an outdoor activity. This will help to keep you on track to meet your goal! 

Stay accountable.

One way to stay accountable is by bringing along a family member or friend. This can help you get outside! 


You can meet your outdoor goals and keep us updated on your progress! We would love to hear how you grow along your journey to achieve your trail goals! 


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