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Olde Hickory Brewery


A message from OHB: Beginning in 1994 with a 7 barrel converted dairy system, we set and accomplished the goal of providing unique traditional ales & lagers available through OHB. Quickly we outgrew that system. In 1997, we began the renovation of an 1880 Historic Landmark building, which now houses our brewing facilities, a 25-barrel Price Schonstrom brewhouse. About the Beers: Great beer is the result of meticulous attention to detail throughout the brewing process. Our beers begin their life as freshwater that flows from the granite slopes of the Blue Ridge and culminate in small batches of less than 800 gallons each. Our beers are and have always been, brewed using only select grains, robust hops, and cultured yeast, with no additives or preservatives. These basic ingredients are added with time, passion, and the undying thirst for knowledge to produce our variety of quality brews that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!