Liazzo's Catering & Casserole Kitchen


Liazzos opened almost 3 decades ago in what's warmly referred to by many of Hickory's residents as the "Little White House". Even today, when people hear Liazzos, they reminisce swinging by for a home-cooked meal at a little white house on the their way home to their families, on the way to work, as lunch for the kids at school, or maybe a few meals for the sick neighbor down the street. Liazzos became a gift of food that shared as much love and care put into the food to the person who ate the food. Then Hickory was hit with the recession and so was the little white house. For a while, that Liazzos disappeared, stop selling to-go meals, ceased catering and showed no signs of a future. Finally, after adopting new members into the family, a lot of work, dedication, few wins and many losses, Liazzos began catering again. We remember that first year back. It was hard, there were many times we just didn't think it was possible and we wanted to quit, but after some elbow-grease, hard-work, commitment, and time, Liazzos became the exclusive caterers of the Hickory Metro Convention Center, and the future felt bright. Today we're fortunate to have made the Liazzo Family grow into something that's apart of the culture of Hickory, NC; voted best caterers two years in a row, and now with years of experience and expansion over western North Carolina, last year we felt it time to open a little shop to bring our "little white house" origins back to life. Now, when you see the blue 3-pronged fork, know that's Liazzos, the same home-made love and quality of food with 3 decades of experience.