Blue Ridge Distilling Company


Blue Ridge Distilling Company is crafting spirits in a whole new way. They aren't bound by barrels or recipes or tradition. It is cultivated, pushed, practiced and always evolving. They are rethinking whisky by taking the best of Scottish tradition and combining it with American ingenuity. In starting a whisky revolution and charting a new course on the journey, they are distilling the Defiant way. They only use four ingredients; premium American white oak, specially cultured yeast, two-row premium brewer’s barley and pure water from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Starting with quality, ending with quality. "We don't walk down paths. Never follow in footsteps. Not sorry for writing our own rules. That's the way that Defiant was born. And that's how we live. We push boundaries. We cut our own trail. It's about the experience. The taste. The spirit of Defiant." -Blue Ridge Distilling Company