Did you know that parks and trails have a tremendous impact on your health? "The public health benefits of parks and trails are broad and cross-cutting. For individuals, benefits include providing places for physical activity, improving mental health, reducing stress, providing connections to nature, and increasing social interactions." (Improving Public Health through Public Parks and Trails: EIGHT COMMON MEASURES)

Riverbend ParkTop 5 Reasons Parks & Trails Improve Your Health: 

Visiting parks increases your physical activity.

When exploring parks and trails in Catawba County and enjoying our various landscapes: you are moving your body. Whatever activities you choose: biking, hiking, walking, or paddling, you are improving your physical, mental, and brain health. 

Visiting parks increases your exposure to nature.

Being present in nature and using your senses: touch, smell, sight, and hearing get you in tune with your surroundings and body. Each park provides a unique experience to pique your senses. Make sure to choose the environment for your abilities and where you are comfortable with the terrain. 

Visiting parks promotes mindfulness.

In a world full of distractions, visiting a park can give a moment of escape from the stress that can come from daily life. Finding a quiet place in one of our parks allows you to concentrate on what you are feeling. Take time to stop and smell the flowers or listen to the birds chirping. 

Visiting parks provides opportunities to socialize.

Bonding with family and friends makes for a more joy-filled life. Visiting a park is a great reason to invite someone to explore with you. You could even meet new people or chat with a knowledgeable park ranger.

Visiting parks inspires curiosity and life-long learning.

Many of our parks not only promote physical activities, they also promote education. For example, in several of our Catawba County Parks, there are LITeracy Trail stations that bring reading, technology, and fitness activities to the forefront as people connect to the stories in their own ways. Discover a park or trail that sparks your interest!

LITeracy Trails

Catawba County Trail Suggestions:

Need ideas of trails to check out at Catawba County Parks? We have everything from literacy trails to miles of mountain biking trails. See all our suggestions here!

Resource Articles:

Improving Public Health through Public Parks and Trails: EIGHT COMMON MEASURES

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