Immerse yourself in the heart of Hickory, North Carolina, where Olde Hickory Station, a captivating fusion of history and flavor, invites you on a remarkable culinary journey. Discover an exceptional dining experience that intertwines Hickory's rich heritage with an exquisitely curated wine list. Operated by the esteemed Olde Hickory Brewery, this former train station, now a dynamic restaurant and market, is a haven for culinary enthusiasts and wine lovers, promising an unforgettable evening in a unique setting.

Olde Hickory Station - WineStep into Olde Hickory Station and transport yourself through time into a hub of gastronomic delight. Whether you're seeking a laid-back lunch, an intimate dinner, or a cozy spot to revel in the wine selection, the restaurant effortlessly blends old-world charm with modern culinary excellence. This establishment offers versatile settings - from the rustic charm of the spacious dining room to the serene back deck and inviting patio.

However, the true allure of Olde Hickory Station lies in its meticulously curated wine selection. With an array of wines by the glass and bottle sourced from top wine-producing regions, grape varietals, and unique flavor profiles, finding the perfect match for your palate is easy. Sommelier and Wine Consultant Heather, a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), offers expertise to enrich this journey. Her knowledge of flavor profiles and passion for pairings are responsible for her preference for light, easy-to-drink wines with a balance of neutral oak and minerality.

Accompany Sommelier Heather on a captivating wine-tasting journey at Olde Hickory Station, exploring global delights from Slovenia, France, South Africa, California and Lebanon. Heather's insights into each wine's distinct qualities and winemaking processes transform a simple tasting into a sensory voyage.

Heather emphasizes the importance of independent wine shops over grocery stores and underscores their commitment to quality and exploration of new vintages. Heather dives deep, often leading discussions around wine temperature, North Carolina’s indigenous grape varieties, regional wineries, and her legislative initiatives within the beer industry.

Olde Hickory Station - wineMoreover, Olde Hickory Station's Market boasts an impressive collection of over 500 wine bottles, ensuring a perfect fit for every taste. In need of guidance? Heather and her knowledgeable team are readily available to assist you in selecting a complementary wine for your meal or suggest hand-picked ingredients for a gourmet picnic.

Beyond wines, The Market at Olde Hickory Station is a treasure trove of culinary delights, offering an extensive selection of beer, cheese, charcuterie, local specialties, and fresh-baked goods. Whether you're planning a gourmet picnic or seeking unique, hand-picked ingredients, it's a foodie's paradise.

In essence, a sommelier-guided visit to Olde Hickory Station promises not just a dining experience but a historic, flavorful journey. Whether you're a wine aficionado or an adventurer in search of a memorable culinary escapade, let Olde Hickory Station be your destination to sip, savor, and create enduring memories. Cheers to an experience that weaves together tradition, flavor, and fine wines.