Progress continues at the Hickory Metro Convention Center with its expansion and renovation after month four of construction. In August’s sweltering heat, crews accomplished a lot with projects continuing on schedule.   

Addition Update:

August 2023 Wall Installation - Expansion

Four massive concrete walls were poured, cured, and installed during the month of August for the 35,000-square-foot multi-purpose exhibit hall and sports venue. The next milestone for this space will consist of adding the roof, which should occur in September. 

Wall Installation Video - August 2023 

August 2023 Storage Room - Expansion

Storage space is being added to the back of the Catawba meeting room space. This will be helpful in storing many items including large audio video screens, chairs, tables, and more for the renovated space. 

Catawba Meeting Room Renovation Update:

August 2023 - Catawba Rooms

The wall structural framing for the Catawba space is complete, which includes specific spaces where display screens will be installed by the doors entering Catawba 1 and 2, and by the Catawba 3 – 6 space. Ductwork has also been updated throughout the entire space. Crews plan to begin installing drywall in September.

In addition to the framing, during the month of August, there has been a tremendous amount of underground work with the Catawba restroom plumbing system which will be expanded to accommodate additional guests in the addition.  

August 2023 - Wall Banners Hickory Rooms

Next, at the East Entrance of the Hickory Metro Convention Center, crews began prep work on the ceiling and floor with a plan to begin renovating this formerly underutilized space into a meeting room this fall.  As shown in the photo, renderings of the future meeting rooms were added to the temporary walls to help guests envision the future look of the convention center. 

HMCC Campus Map

New Parking Options: Additional parking lots are open on or near the Hickory Metro Convention Center campus. There are three lots: 1. blue, 2. green, and 3. yellow.  As always, our parking is free to you. For vendors, the unloading and loading areas have changed a bit as shown on the map above. Please be patient with each other as you are unloading. This "positive interruption" will only be for a short while and we appreciate and thank you for your patience. 

Bear Mascot

Please remember to "Bear With Us" as we are all a part of this expansion and renovation. A minor inconvenience right now will bring significant growth in the future. If you have any questions please call 828-322-1335.