It has been a busy and productive three months in full construction mode. Hickory Construction Company has continued to make progress with renovations and the expansion of the Hickory Metro Convention Center. While there has been a wide array of weather throughout the construction process it has not impacted the dozens of crews that are part of this project or their progress. 

HMCC Construction - Concrete Pouring July 2023

Approximately 1,098 tons, which is about 2,195,100 pounds of concrete, was poured in July for the expansion creating the foundation for the 35,000-square-foot space that will be the new multi-purpose exhibit hall and sports venue. The next big milestone for the expansion will be the concrete pouring of the exterior walls which will be raised by cranes into position to enclose the new space. 

HMCC Construction - Catawba Rooms July 2023

Pictured above, the framework is being installed for the new layout of the Catawba meeting rooms. Catawba 1 and 2, which will be standalone meeting rooms, will be versatile spaces for classroom or board-style setups and will include state-of-the-art audiovisual and technology. The remaining Catawba meeting rooms (3 – 6) will boast a more ballroom style and feel with removable walls allowing the space to transition from one large room into smaller breakout rooms and setups. 

Updates to the Catawba restrooms are underway, as the previous fixtures and amenities have been removed and are being replaced with all-new tile, sinks, and more. These restrooms are also being expanded to accommodate additional attendees to the meeting spaces.  

As construction continues, there is now a clear vision of the new entry hallway into what will be the newly renovated space as well as the expansion.   

HMCC Construction - Hickory Classroom - July 2023

In addition to the Catawba Renovation and the Expansion, there was an opportunity to add an additional meeting along the main Hickory hallway. This new meeting room will take the place of an area that was underutilized. Surrounded by temporary walls which were put in place in June 2023, work will continue inside of this space to create this additional meeting room that will boast tons of natural light. 

HMCC Construction - Main Lobby July 2023

Located in the main lobby of the convention center (pictured above) are the images of the temporary walls. This signage helps guests envision the renovation and addition. Show producers, vendors, and attendees of the recent Furniture Manufacturing Expo were impressed by the images which created positive energy in the building.

HMCC Campus Map

New Parking Options: additional satellite parking lots are open around the Hickory Metro Convention Center campus. There are three lots: Blue, Green, and Yellow. As always, our parking is free to you. For vendors, the unloading and loading areas have changed as shown on the map above. Please be patient with each other as you are unloading. Visitors attending conferences or events staying in nearby hotels can walk to the convention center as there are safe paths connecting the hotels to the convention center. This "positive interruption" will only be for a short while and we appreciate and thank you for your patience. 

Bear Mascot

Meetings and events are still being held at the convention center during this time of progress. Please remember to "Bear With Us" as we are all a part of this expansion and renovation. A minor inconvenience right now will bring significant growth in the future. If you have any questions, please call 828-322-1335.